Sneak peek: Abstract für unsere Masterarbeit

Masterarbeit - der erste Druck!OMG. Unglaublicherweise nähern sich die Masterarbeit von Janel und mir mittlerweile wirklich dem Ende. Just in diesem Moment läuft hinter mir unser guter alter Druck und wirft mir die Seiten eins bis achtundsechzig aus. Die restlichen Seiten neunundsechzig bis hundertsiebenundsiebzig folgen, wenn der Drucker nicht schlapp macht.

Was jetzt noch zu tun ist:

  • Korrekturlesen: weil sicher noch viele fiese kleine Fehler drin versteckt sind
  • Die Liste der Referenzen aus Zotero einbauen
  • Abbildungsverzeichnis und Inhaltsverzeichnis mit Libre Office einfügen
  • Finale Formatierungen
  • Als EPUB rausspielen und abgeben

Danach wird der Schmöker noch für den Druck aufbereitet und schön gebunden. Als kleinen Vorgeschmack habe ich hier für euch das (noch nicht korrekturgelesene) Abstract:

Content strategy is a term that gains more and more traction in the German speaking world. Agencies and consultant are more and more focused on content as it proves to be a way of creating value for consumers – and thus companies. Additionally, it’s starting to become interesting for small businesses as they read or hear about it, sometimes being referred to as “the next big thing” on conferences, events, in books and online articles.

The content strategy definitions, schemes and processes found in literature are, however, focused more on content strategy in large organizations. These organizations often have multiple departments responsible for different aspects of communication, marketing and public relations, rather large budgets and often a number of external consultants who support the companies in their communication and content-related efforts. Content strategy seeks to create an overall strategy, combining the different people, departments, goals and requirements under one banner. It creates order and provides strategic guidelines.

The question is: What does content strategy mean for small and medium enterprises? For entrepreneurs working alone? For start-ups with limited resources? Small business with no or few employees tend to be forced to work on gaining new clients, selling their products or services non-stop. Often, the company owner of employees take on different roles at once to tackle the daily business struggle. This resolves to fewer resources, both in terms of money and time, that are spent on developing strategies and tactics following these strategic guidelines. Additionally, small project scopes make content strategy with all its steps and parts seem redundant. Does it even make sense to apply content strategy to the context of SMEs?

This thesis provides insights from numerous interviews with content strategy experts as well as start-ups and SMEs. Thus, it illustrates both the struggles of content strategists and small companies working with content strategy alike. Based on the interview results plus an overview on relevant literature, a framework for content strategy is proposed for the use in small business contexts. The thesis also showcases the implementation of the framework – and the development of a content strategy – for three exemplary companies in an attempt to answer the questions above.

Noch 9 Tage bis zur finalen Abgabe! #soon