„Content curation takes up a shitload of time“

Janel is a cosmopolitan social media manager from the Dominican Republic. She is currently working for many brands and talked to us about managing other people’s content, creavity and being a ghostwriter.*

Janel Leonor

Janel Leonor

Paolo: Janel, you’re currently managing thirteen Facebook pages, twitter and instagram for three main clients. What does your day consist of?
Janel: Apart from that, I do a little bit of web design and I do a little bit of PR. For example for one client, the PR efforts helped the developed app to appear in Mashable and the Accent Magazine. But I basically do everything for a client, if they want to: From the website, to the social media. I try to make their public appearance look less like an infomercial and more social.

P: How do you stay creative when you have to manage so many Facebook pages?
J: I try to consume things but then I don’t try to check the other brands‘ pages. Maybe once a month, so I have an overview to know the competency, but not to copy their content. I look at platforms like Behance for graphic inspiration as I’m not a graphic designer, and I go to 9gag to research social trends in the internet. But what is interesting is that the brands in the DR are very different from the brands in the USA so they require different content production and different ‚inside jokes‘.

P: What’s the most challenging project you’ve done?
J: I once wrote for an Chilean entrepreneur’s personal brand. Although I was good in the topic which was digital marketing, it was very hard to write what he was thinking. For example, I had to keep in mind that he didn’t like football, and he liked Star Wars when creating his social media posts. That’s difficult – more difficult than for example just posting dates for events or making things related to marketing. In my opinion, it is better if you want to publish your thoughts to do it on your own and leave the technical things to the social media manager.

P: Would it be easier if you worked in close proximity to the person? For example in the same office?
J: Not really, because even in the same office people will have appointments and thus not have time for you. I am in touch with my clients over e-mail, WhatsApp and Skype so I have all the information, but it’s just not enough to be in someone’s head. What’s more important is that I’m in touch with the country trends – for example to know about the wheather so that I don’t post about what to do when the wheather is really hot when in facts it’s currently raining in this country.

P: So, all in all, are you happy with your job?
J: To be honest, I would like to have people do some tasks for me. Someone who does the graphics, someone who does research – because content curation itself takes up a shitload of time. But I like what I’m doing, I’m passionate about it and I’m proud of my work, especially in building up communities. But a little help would be nice.


* Hintergrund-Info:
Wir hatten heute eine Interview-Session mit Wolfgang Kühnelt und Heinz Wittenbrink. Wozu? Als Vorbereitung auf ein Magazin, das wir als Studierende des Studiengangs Content-Strategie über Medium publizieren werden. Meine Gruppe, bestehend aus Janel Leonor, Paolo Reininghaus und mir, hat sich erstmals selbst ins Visier genommen, bevor wir mit externen Interview-Partnern sprechen werden. Die Interviewte war Janel, geführt wurde das Interview von Paolo, mitgetippst habe ich.

Das Ergebnis fanden wir so interessant, dass wir es gleich mal veröffentlichen wollen 🙂